My saddle fitting education began in 1993 when Gary Severson, The Saddle Doctor, began visiting The Horse Works’ clients every six weeks. I set up the appointments and accompanied Gary on trips to farms large and small all over Northern Vermont.


I was able to observe Gary’s work, pepper him with questions, watch his technique evolve and absorb his knowledge. At the time, I had no intention of practicing a new aspect of my career, I was just fascinated with Gary’s dedication to the comfort of the equine athlete.


Over the years I also attended a variety of saddle schools offered by saddle companies: Albion, Prestige and Stubben. I have also spent every possible minute working with Peter Menet, the brilliant mind behind the Cobra, Jaguar and Amerigo saddles (and Vespucci bridle work).


In 2003, after 10 years of working with Gary, I enrolled in the Master Saddles Association certification training. It is a rigorous program of classroom and practical training followed by six months of fieldwork prior to testing. I was the first person in New England to receive certification from the MSA.


In my off hours I ride daily, compete locally and regionally in Equitation and the Adult Amateur Hunters. I also enjoy volunteer work on the Board of Directors Green Mountain Horse Association. 


My background, training and experience are unique in the world of saddle fitting and I am happy to be increasing the time I devote to it.


The Horse Works has been a full service English tack shop located in Vermont since the early 1990's. Owned and operated by Karen Clark, the shop primarily serves competitors from a variety of disciplines including dressage, hunters, equitation, eventing, fox hunting, Pony Club and 4-H.

We have a strong interest in and commitment to horsemanship and proper saddle fit. Since 1993, we have worked closely with Gary Severson, The Saddle Doctor. In May 2003, Karen received certification from the Master Saddlers Association: the first person in New England to receive this designation. To further Karen’s desire to help our equine partners, she received her pulsing magnetic therapy training in the fall of 2009.


The Horse Works is available to travel to barns in the northeast, by appointment, for saddle fitting, sales of new and used saddles, leather goods and custom boot measuring.


We proudly represent the very finest brands in our industry.


When I had a storefront, one of my favorite products was a good fitting boot. In the early years I learned to measure legs and feet from the incomparable Beth Pointer of the Bond Boot Company, makers of the Effingham Boot.  That company left our sport long ago, but Beth and I were able to make a very wide array of clients happy with great fitting boots at a very reasonable price.

I am thrilled to say that I have found another boot company, making full custom boots, which completely exceeds my expectations of high quality, beautiful design, professionalism and affordability!

LM Boots has been in the Rivas family for over 100 years, yet have a very contemporary approach to their designs and methods of communication. They offer boots for hunter/jumper, dressage, eventing and everyday riding, and, offer a student program for riders under 23 years old.

Please visit and then contact me for an appointment!


The best way to schedule an appointment for saddle fitting, saddle sales or custom boot fitting is to contact Karen through Facebook,

call or text (802)238-8731 or send an emai to


The Horse Works’ mailing address is:

1257 East Road

Colchester, Vermont 05446

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